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Bravo has yet to announce the fate of Yours, Mine, or Ours Season 2

Release Date of #YMO S2: To be announced

This new addition to the unscripted reality TV genre will see couples look for their first place together. The title reflects the choice they have to make. Move in to each other’s place or get an entirely new one together? The latter choice if obviously the ideal one, as it puts them on an equal footing rather than one moving into what had been the exclusive space of the other.

Reza Farahan is a highly successful real estate agent, while Taylor Spellman is a renowned interior designer. Together, they are a formidable team when it comes to both the business and the art of purchasing a home together. Farahan will ensure they get the best deal and within their collective budget, while Spellman will help them make a home out of a house.

Bravo is the network that is bringing us the series. It aired last week, with the first episode, ‘Before We Wed’, telling the story of engaged couple Greg and Haig. Greg lives in a lovely Sherman Oaks bungalow, complete with a pool and his affable dog. Haig, conversely, lives in a two-story home in Studio City with his six year-old twins.

Produced by Courtney Campbell and Kirk Hipkiss of JV Productions Inc., the current series seems to have four constituent episodes scheduled for its totality. ‘The Proposal’ aired yesterday, while ‘Long Distance Love’ and ‘Texas Two Step’ are coming up in the following weeks.

Yesterday’s episode was interesting as it featured a rigorous house search done in advance of Brandon, one of the guests, popping the question to his girlfriend Anne. They had to make the choice to live in Anne’s Westlake Village home, his own small community place, or to find a new place entirely.

Reza is no stranger to property reality TV. He starred on the show Shahs of Sunset for four seasons. The show followed Persian-American friends in LA trying to juggle social lives, careers, family and traditions. That show debuted in 2012 and was very successful. Spellman meanwhile, has worked with people on Bravo’s other programs and has built up a very successful interior design firm. She is recognised as one of the best in her field by such reputable brands as Forbes and CNN Money.

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Reza is known for his no-holds-barred personality and as such it has given him a huge following. No doubt him and Taylor together make a very adept and watchable team. What’s often a challenge is that couples will have changed their design tastes having entered into the serious relationship or once starting the search for a place together. Getting them both to agree with suggestions by the presenting duo can often be a challenge.

The real estate genre in general appeals to the young professionals or older demographic. However, with the personalities of both the hosts and the good production this could easily be entertaining for those not necessarily interested in buying a home. If only for the conversation, as they say. In an environment where it’s increasingly hard to buy a home, the show is also a frustrating but nonetheless enticing proposition for millennials. A chance to watch what we won’t be able to afford unless you

power through to that high-paying job.

Have you been watching the series? How does it stack up compared to other real estate reality programs? Do you prefer them when they are scripted or unscripted?

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