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‘Young Justice’ Is Coming Back For Another Season!


Guess who’s coming back? Young Justice! The animated series was ahead of its time when it came out in 2010, just like Teen Titans. Unfortunately for Young Justice they didn’t have the following that the Titans did, and it led to a cancellation on Cartoon Network after only two seasons. Now Cartoon Network isn’t exactly the best when it comes to programming, and can be hit or miss (looking at you Adult Swim) depending on who you ask. But for many, they are the one stop shop for animation, alternative shows, and anime. So what is the good news about this Young Justice Revival?

Well the first good news is that it won’t be on Cartoon Network, so maybe it will last more than two seasons! Production has already started for the third season, and it looks like the usual suitor has lined up. Netflix is looking to take on the show, which would be good in completing their own lineup since they already have the first two seasons. Even if Marvel is dominating Netflix original programming, that doesn’t make them exclusive. It will be nice to get a little DC love on the streaming giant, and even better if they do it with a revival.

Young Justice is about teenage superheroes solving crime in an attempt to live up to their mentors in the Justice League. The members are Superboy, Robin, Flash and more. There are of course cameos by the other big names in the Justice League world, and it is one of the more campy animated series around. But that camp is a good thing, and the show never takes itself too seriously. Look for them to wrap up production really early and set a premiere date once they find a network.

Are you excited about their eventual return? What network will be the lucky winner of Young Justice sweepstakes?

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