‘X-Men Legion’ Will Connect Entire Franchise


When the X-Men Legion trailer was shown at Comic Con it showed a side of the franchise that no one ever saw before. July was a special month for many fans of comic book adaptations, as Marvel would introduce one of its most powerful characters onto the small screen. Yet that isn’t the main reason people are excited, and it gets better from there.

The television series will relate to upcoming movies in the franchise, and guess who is involved in the production of X-Men Legion? Bryan Singer, of course. He has been involved in all but one of the films, and has had an active hand in multiple small screen productions for Marvel. So when they promise that the upcoming movies will have a relation to the television universe, they aren’t kidding!

While they won’t confirm specifics, the name Deadpool did come up as an option along with X-Men Sequels. This is thrilling news since Deadpool was such a big hit, and will most likely have its budget raised in a sequel. Noah Hawley of Fargo fame will write and direct Legion, and had a different take on the whole situation; he said it won’t be connected to the movies and will be standalone. This may have been taken out of context with Hawley, meaning that the show will be connected to the movies but will not require them to make sense of the story.

Legion is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, so getting him right is a must. They have already cast Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens in the role, and anything less than excellent will land him in a lot of hot water!

Do you think Legion will be able to live up to expectations? What do you think about the entire franchise being interconnected?


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