‘WWE Total Divas’ Goes Off Script


This is one thing that wasn’t scripted! The WWE has long been associated with being scripted, which is fair since the content is scripted. It’s also home to some of the hardest working athletes in the world, many whom rarely have a day off. Vacations in the WWE come from injury, or by writing an injury into the script. The WWE Total Divas spinoff show was another scripted reality series, but this time followed the ladies of wrestling in typical modern day reality scenarios. It has charm, and is a nice look into the lives of female wrestlers in their day to day scenarios.

Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis) is probably the biggest name in WWE Divas history, and has charisma on par with the best male wrestler. She is a favorite of the fans and their biggest female draw. She is currently in a public relationship with fellow wrestling superstar Alberto Del Rio (Jose Rodriguez) and they have been the talk of the town. They are even in talks to get their own spin-off reality show, and things were moving along nicely.

Well all of that came to halt when the WWE suspended them for violating the company’s talent wellness policy. This could be many things, but the policy covers substance abuse, drugs, brain function anomalies, and overall mental health. Just to take a stab in the dark, it is most likely drugs and substance abuse that did the pair in.

This is a huge blow for both, and even bigger for Paige since she was a bigger star than her boyfriend! This shouldn’t be a huge setback for the career of Paige, depending on how serious it is. However, Alberto is much more expendable, and may be looking for new employment.

Do you think one of them will get a permanent ban? What do you think the suspension was for?

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