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‘World of Dance’ Picks Jennifer Lopez As A Judge


World of Dance was announced a while ago, and it had Jennifer Lopez attached as an executive producer. She was doing a pretty good job of promoting the show, but now things have changed for the better as she has been attached as a judge. The star has plenty of experience as a judge, with the biggest role coming on American Idol. She has judged on the biggest stage in television and now has a chance to be a leader on her own show.

There was a 10 episode order for World of Dance that went through this year, and it was always assumed that at the very least Lopez would be a consultant on camera. But with her also starring in the high rated drama Shades of Blue on the same network, starring in another series was more about convenience than anything else. In fact this is probably one of the most comfortable arrangements of her career, one that will shorten her busy schedule considerably.

Lopez started out as a fly girl on In Living Color, and is a great dancer when she is on tour as a singer. Before Queen Bey was gracing the stage at her peak, Lopez was right there with Britney Spears dancing so hard that they lost weight on stage. She now has the chance to make amateur dancer’s dreams come true, just like hers.

World of Dance is the only dance competition on the network that will have solo artists, duos and even crews competing against each other. The grand prize of 1 million dollars will also come with an endorsement from World of Dance, the global dance brand. The show will follow the horde of talent shows that have come out over the years, with the difference being that this one has staying power.

What do you think of the show? Who else should judge with Lopez?

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