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The Seventh season of the television series Workaholics commenced airing on January 11, 2017

S7 Started January 11, 2017

Following a trio of slacker, pothead roommates who were college friends and have transitioned into coworkers, Workaholics is a Comedy Central sitcom now into its sixth season. The group spends a lot of time wasting time, pulling pranks on each other and those around them, and generally contributing very little to society. It was created by, is written by, and stars Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm, while their co-star Kyle Newacheck has directed most of the episodes. The four were all part of a sketch comedy group called Mail Order Comedy prior to their debut in the show. @Workaholics has some serious fan popularity, has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy, and has been renewed for its seventh season already.

How did the stars get their start? 

Blake Anderson got his start after high school by joining a sketch comedy troupe. He went on to work with several different troupes. Blake and Adam Devine met in college, and the two both worked in Los Angeles to get their start in the world of comedy. Anders Holm started into the comedy world as a member of the Second City Conservatory, which is a training facility for those who want to participate in workshops from Second City, a famous improve theater. Kyle Newacheck attended the Los Angeles Film School, and the four joined in their creation of their sketch comedy troup, Mail Order Comedy in 2006. The troupe went on to produce several skits and shorts before they were picked up for @Workaholics.

How did #Workaholics come to be?

When Walter Newman, a Comedy Central executive, saw Mail Order Comedy’s skits on YouTube, he decided the group was someone he needed to have on the channel. The show was announced in March of 2010, and the pilot aired a year later. The first two seasons consisted of ten episodes each, but as the show gained momentum, they ordered 20 episodes for the third season. The fourth and fifth seasons balanced out at 13 episodes each. The current season and next season have both been commissioned for ten episodes each.

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What are some of the awards for which #Workaholics has been nominated? 

Based on the award nominations the show has received, it is clearly a hit with young folks. Workaholics was nominated in 2012 by the Teen Choice Awards as Choice Summer TV Show, as well as  the Best Performance in a TV Series by a guest star aged 14-17 by the Young Artist Awards. It received the same Young Artist nomination in 2016 for a different actor in the 10 and under category. The Young Hollywood Awards nominated Adam, Anders and Blake for best threesome in 2014. Most notably, the show was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Comedy Series.

What are people saying about Workaholics? 

As long as people go into watching the show knowing that it is riddled with inappropriate behaviors and poor influences, there is a comedy that makes it all worth it. While audiences should recognize the show isn’t geared towards children, those who do have young children watch it will be answering a lot of questions from their kiddos. The show is well written, and for viewers

who enjoy comedy, the talent from the cast in that area clearly shines through. The show has an IMDb rating of 8.2 stars, based off of over 35 thousand individual ratings. Overall, fans have found the show to be very funny, which has followed in the footsteps of several other popular single camera comedies. Because it isn’t designed around fancy camera shots, the talent comes through from the cast alone, which makes it even better.

Workaholics will be back for their seventh season on January 11th! Comedy Central had no problems bringing back one of their most popular shows that satirizes life after college. Will this be the year they get their big break?

UPDATED November 5, 2016

All good things come to an end, and unfortunately that applies to Workaholics. If you’re a fan make sure to watch and pay your respects to the show on January 2017 since season 7 will be the last. We’ll miss you!

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