‘Workaholics’ And The End Of The Series


Fans of Workaholics need to prepare for the end, as the show will close its doors after season 7. With the premiere set for January 2017, there is no doubt that it will go down as a great Comedy Central series that thrilled millions of fans each week. With its colorful cast of characters and plotlines, Workaholics exceeded expectations for years.

The show was about three college dropouts working at a telemarketing company. When the office shuts down, they go home together because they’re also roommates. Involved with the gang is of course a drug dealer, and a lot of other characters that keep the show lively. What made Workaholics so genuine is that its creators Blake Anderson, Anders Holm and Adam Devine were also its main stars. The trio remain friends in real life, so the chemistry was always spot on when it needed to be. Premiering in 2011, it was quirky enough to stay on the Comedy Central schedule and slowly gained a loyal following.

Sadly, the reason the series is ending is due to the stars wanting to branch out to other projects. This is a natural progression for the series, and especially since they have begun drifting away to their own thing for a while now. Devine is part of the Pitch Perfect franchise, a megahit that will keep him in the spotlight for years. And Holm is working with FOX to star in his own series, which has a good chance of being a breakout hit.

There will be a big gap in the programming schedule when Comedy Central loses Workaholics, so they better hope something equally as good comes along. If they’re lucky, there is a good chance they’ll land a series that is half as good as this was.

Was Workaholics an unappreciated Comedy Central show? What was your favorite moment from past seasons?

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