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Netflix has yet to announce the fate of Word Party Season 3

Release Date of #WordParty S3: To be announced

Party hard while learning!

The Jim Henson Company has been crafting quality kids shows for so long that his name is now permanently synonymous with awesome. Word Party is one of the newest educational kids shows produced by Netflix, and it just began the second season. The episodes are short, only 11 minutes each, just long enough to hold the attention of a preschooler.

It’s no secret that kids love animals. Make a show about baby animals and you’ve got a hit. If those baby animals can also talk, sing, dance, and teach kids new words, there’s no telling how far the show will go!

The four super-cute baby animals include Kip, Franny, Bailey, and Lulu (a purple panda, a blue elephant, a kangaroo, and a cheetah), all wearing designer diapers. Not only do they introduce new words to tiny minds, but it gets interactive with them. After the child has practiced their newly learned vocabulary, the show then asks young viewers to teach the baby animals what they just learned, then they all celebrate by throwing a WP!

These are still puppets!

This series is not the classic Henson puppets that everyone recognizes, it was created by the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio. Actors actually wear digital sensors and physically act and emote the characters while performing the voicing. The digital puppeteers for this series are Alon Williams, Victor Yerrid, Donna Kimball, Elizabeth Roberts, John Munro Cameron, and John Tartaglia.

The result is a digital puppet, almost like the classic ones, but on the computer screen instead of on their hand. The animation style is very simple and clean, usually only showing the baby animals on a stark background with very few objects surrounding them. With less visual distraction, young viewers are able to more easily concentrate on learning new words.

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Popular with parents and kids!

Season 2 of #WP premiered on October 21, 2016, and even though Netflix does not release any viewership data due to its nature as a subscription service, the series seems to be a big hit with parents, and little ones too! IMDb voters rank the new animated series at 8.4 out of 10 with over 30 votes cast.

Netflix has not made any official announcements about the future of this series. They will usually make announcements about future seasons once the currently airing season is at least half-way through or it has already been available for streaming for a few months.

All episodes for season one and two are currently available to stream for Netflix subscribers.

Do you and your kids watch #WordParty? How many new words has your

child learned from this series? Which of the four main animals is your child’s favorite?

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8 months 15 days ago

I keep seeing that the release date is October 8th but for some reason I can’t find it anywhere