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Network Ten has cancelled the Comedy series, there will not be a Season 4

#Wonderland Cancelled, No Season Four :(

On the 22nd of January 2014, Network Ten ordered 22 episodes of Australian romance drama Wonderland, at the same time it was announced that they would air only 16 of the 22 episodes that they were filming. So, that means that there are 6 episodes that have been filmed, but yet to be aired. Are these remaining 6 episodes intended to contribute to Season 4?

Season 1 included 13 episodes, Season 2 increased to 15 episodes after the success of the first season, and then of course Season 3 aired 16 episodes. So 6 episodes are far too little for a complete series. However, could Network Ten be planning to follow channels such as Netflix and release their fourth season in batches of two? The first 6 episodes and then a few months later, the following 6?

Either way, productions are expensive and if the production company forked out enough cash for 6 entire episodes, preceding extensive post-production and following months of pre-production, it is highly unlikely that Network Ten didn’t order these episodes.

How long will we have to wait for a 4th season to air? Season 2 aired 9 months after Season 1 ended and Season 3 just 6 months after Season 2 concluded. So, since Season 2 completed its run in May we’ll have to wait at least 6 months for Season 4 to air. So it should be a few more months until Network Ten announces the airing of Season 4. Hold tight, it shouldn’t be too much longer.

There is another possibility, that the 6 episodes will air independently, as a Christmas episode and Valentines Day episode, but what about the remaining four?

Season 3 had a very healthy following of viewers, with an average of 430,000, with the finale titled Commitment earning 635,000 viewers. Season 3 turned out to be the sexiest season of @Wonderland so far, with such high ratings, will Season 4 follow on this trend?

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The cast, who all get on famously (hopefully devoid of all of the dramas of their TV show) are keen for a fourth season. Tim Ross and Anna Bamford play brother and sister Steve and Miranda Beaumont and originally it was their relationship that inspired the tone of the rest of the show. Since then the show has evolved into a series that focusses on a group of young men and woman who inhabit a certain apartment complex. Perhaps Season 4 will focus less on convoluted romantic liaisons and return to the relationships between siblings, which always have old baggage attached to them, and friendships.Platonic friendships between men and women always make for interesting subject matter.

While there are a number of directors that direct episodes of #Wonderland, it is Darren Ashton and Jennifer Leacey that have directed the majority of episodes, with 10 and 8 episodes respectively. The other list of directors have only a couple of episodes each. Darren Ashton has contributed to other TV shows, Worst Year of My Life, Again!, Offspring and Bed of Roses.

Jennifer Leacey can thank Network Ten for her directing debut. This may sound as if she has little experience, but on the contrary she has 30 film credits on her filmography as a Second Unit Director or Assistant

Director. Leacey worked on award winning films such Babe: Pig in the City, The Thin Red Line, Moulin Rouge!, Cold Mountain, Australia, and more recently The Great Gatsby and The Rover. Leacey certainly paid attention when working under such great directors as Baz Luhrmann, Anthony Minghella and Terrence Malick.

What are your thoughts concerning the 6 episodes that were filmed but never intended for Season 3? We’re hoping for a fourth Season of this popular series.

Wonderland officially axed :( In today’s Results Presentation, the show was not included as returning in 2016. A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight, “Wonderland was generally well received and we were happy with the production, but we just failed to find a sufficient audience."

UPDATED January 17, 2015

Be sure to watch the #seasonfinale of #wonderlandten tonight!! We'll be back again next year! Xo GMc

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