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It was announced that WITS Academy would not return for a Second season

#WITSAcademy Cancelled, No Season Two :(

WITS Academy is an American teen sitcom created by Catharina Ledeboer. This series is a sequel to the show Every Witch Way and continues where the former left off. Produced by Viacom International and Cinema Incorporated, #WITSA premiered in the UK and Ireland on January 5th, 2016.

The series follows Emma’s best friend from Every Witch Way, Andi Cruz (played by Daniela Nieves). Andi is the best friend of the Chosen One, and as the first human Guardian, she is now tasked with graduating from WITS (Witches in Training) Academy, the most prestigious educational establishment in the magical realm.

Classes are not the only thing on the Academy’s agenda, however. In order to graduate, Andi must also act as a mentor to two younger WITs. The first is Ben (played by Jailene Bates), a wizard who is skilled in theory, but less so in practical spell-casting. The second WIT is the testing Jessie Novoa (played by Julia Antonelli), who is also Jax’s younger sister from Every Witch Way. While Andi attempts to navigate her way through Academy life, she also faces constant drama and conflict with a new ruthless nemesis named Ruby (played by Kennedy Slocum).

The first season of WITSA was jam-packed with drama, conflict and fun magical surprises. In addition to those previously mentioned, the series’ cast is rounded out by Ryan Cargill (playing Luke Archer, Lily’s cousin and Andi’s love interest), Andrew Ortega (who plays Sean De Soto, one of Luke’s fun-loving WITs), Lidya Jewett (who plays Luke’s other WIT, a young but extremely powerful witch), as well as Meg Crosbie and Timothy Colombos (playing siblings Ethan and Emily Prescott, the two WITs under Ruby’s care).

When asked how it was to watch the show after production, Kennedy Slocum described the experience as surreal and elaborated “With the format of the show being daily instead of weekly, I’m seeing three months of work go by in only one month. It’s also terrifying to know that the season finale is only three weeks away”.

And indeed, the season finale has since passed. The finale, a two-part episode that premiered on October 30th of 2015, entitled “It Must Be Magic” left most viewers with questions that they wanted answers to.

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In this episode, Andi discovers that Ruby has been getting her powers from the sap of the Dyad Tree, which is now dying. Ruby eventually gets stuck in the tree and expelled by Agamemnon for putting everyone (including herself) in danger. During this episode, Andi’s team also wins the Magic Melee and she and Luke share a long-awaited kiss and become a couple. The mysterious caretaker from the sixteenth episode also makes an appearance when he finds Andi’s earring and swears “I will find you, Andi Cruz”, but their connection is still unclear.

Rated a 3/5 on Common Sense Media and a 6.3/10 on IMDb, a critic has noted that #WITSAcademy “deserves some credit for propping up a strong female character in the indomitable and determined Andi”; however the fact that most of the series is driven by conflict between the two lead females seems to generate “mixed messages”.

Nickelodeon has yet to announce a season two premiere date for #WITSAcademy however the new developments in

the finale make it likely to be returning. Who is the mysterious caretaker and what is his relationship to Andi? How will her relationship with Luke pan out? And most interestingly, what’s going to happen to Ruby, who mysteriously tells Cameron that “[he hasn’t] seen the last of [her]”.

If the series is following the same schedule as last year, it is likely that season two of #WITSA will be premiering sometime in October of 2016.

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It’s says on line that sits academy made another season and it’s 2 episode