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Winx Club WILL return for season 8 - stay tuned to this page for updates!

#WinxClub S8 is confirmed, Release Date: To be scheduled

Winx Club is an animated series airing on Nick Jr. The series first aired in June 2004 and has seen seven seasons so far. The series features Bloom and her friends going on adventures in the magical world and on Earth. The series has not yet been renewed for an eighth season at this time.

What It’s About?

The series follows Bloom and her friends, Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecna, and Aisha. The girls go on adventures and discover new powers and transformations along to way. They also fight against evil.

In the latest season, the #WC finds out about the Fairy Animals. These are magical creatures who have special abilities that are important for the balance of the magical world. It is discovered that these creatures are under threat of the villain Kalshara who is a shape shifter and her brother Bafilius as well as the Trix. In order to save the Fairy Animals the Winx must travel in time and learn new transformations like Butterflix and Tynix and form bonds with the Fairy Animals.

Where We Left Off?

In the latest episode of season 7, the Winx and Roxy must use special items given to them by Faragonda called the Stones of Memories to save the Digmoles from extinction. They are able to travel in time to when the Digmoles were thriving.

What’s Next?

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There has been no announcement yet about a renewal for an eighth season of the series at this time. This isn’t too concerning right now as the seventh season finished up not too long ago and the networks are probably crunching the numbers to see if another season is worth a go. This may take some time since the show is originally aired in Italy and then the UK and finally the US so it has to air on all of those networks before the numbers can all be analyzed. The season has not yet finished up in the US or UK so it may be a while before we hear anything.

Since we haven’t finished season 7 yet we don’t have any information on what season 8 might hold. We do know that the #WinxClub continues to come to the aid of the Fairy Animals throughout the rest of the season and fight off the villains threatening them. As for what will be happening in the new season, that is anyone’s guess at this point in time. We will have to wait for an announcement from the network before we have any ideas as to what might be coming.

Since the series has not been renewed yet we also don’t know when to expect the series to return. The rest of season seven is set to air at the beginning of 2016 in the UK and has not yet been announced in the US. Until the rest of the current season finishes airing we are unlikely to hear about the new season. We will just have to wait until after the seventh season finishes airing  before we have a better idea of when the eighth season is likely to premiere.

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24 days 16 hours ago

I know season 8 airing in Italian on rai yoyo channel I don’t when coming in English dub.