Will ‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later’ Be Any Good?


With the announcement that Marisa Ryan will be reprising her role as Abby, the casting looks good-so far. The spinoff of the reboot was a pretty bold move by Netflix, and was a quick 8 episode order set for 2017. More than likely the network wanted to ride the coattails of the victory that was Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. So far they have all of their ducks in a row, with very few things missing.

It all started in 2001 when the original movie came out and featured a much calmer Janeane Garofalo as Beth and David Hyde Pierce as Henry. Paul Rudd, Christopher Meloni, Molly Shannon and others were also in the movie. It just had a fantastic mix of characters from top to bottom, and they are what made the movie. Now the content of the movie itself? It was a hit or miss depending on who you asked.

So when Netflix order the television adaptation in 2015, no one really expected much. Heck, it seemed like a show that was fit for the Disney Channel based on the premise. But the writers proved everyone wrong, and a group of young stars gained recognition. The series turned into something special, even surpassing the movie. This 2015 follow-up/spinoff will come out ahead of season 2 of the original series, and could even determine if the original will come back at all.

Taking place ten years later from the original, the writers will have a lot of time to develop the characters. Viewers will have a fun time seeing how all their favorites have grown over the years, with a big focus on the ‘where are they now’ element.

Will this spinoff be better than the original production? What are the chances the original will be back for season 2 and beyond for Netflix?

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