Will Treehouse Masters Return for Season 8 on Animal Planet?


There aren’t many kids in the world who wouldn’t love to have a treehouse – having your own place to hang out high in the sky is just undeniably cool. For Pete Nelson, owner of Nelson Treehouse and Supplies, that love has extended into adulthood. Treehouse Masters (which first aired on Animal Planet 21st May 2013, and is currently airing its 7th season), features Pete as he builds one-of a-kind treehouse getaways for his clients. The American documentary series is produced by Stiletto Television and executive produced by Mark C. Grove, Troy Queen, Josh Cole, Reno Camozzi, Garry Kief, Kevin Leadingham, Jonathan Moshman and Grant Julian.

So how exactly does it all work and who is Pete Nelson? Well, each 60-minute episode shows the design and implementation stages as Pete and his team work on incredible and unique projects. Some of the highlights include a French themed treehouse restaurant in Texas and a country music legend Zac Brown’s passion project in Georgia. Pete takes viewers on a journey to the treetops as he designs private escapes for those with a passion to reconnect with nature and re-awaken their inner child.

Pete goes out on a limb to create breathtaking realities for a host of clientele including designing multi-bedroom dream tree houses complete with functional plumbing and electricity to simple one-room lofts. Pete himself became passionate about treehouses at age 5 when his dad built him a tree-fort behind the garage of their home. Despite graduating from college in Colorado with an economics degree, Pete couldn’t deny the carpenter and homebuilder inside him anymore and started his unique journey. As well as running Nelson Treehouse and Supply, Peter and his family also run a thriving treehouse Bed & Breakfast called Treehouse Point, located outside of Seattle.

So we know that the show must be doing something right as its already on its seventh season – reinforcing the fact that people just do love a darn good treehouse. But exactly how popular is it, and can we expect more tree action in an eight season? To be simple and plain, the show is very popular! It fluctuates between 0.7 million and 1 million total viewers with a 0.2 demographic rating. It also has a very healthy score of 7.8 out of 10 on IMDB and a fantastic 4.5 stars out of 5 on content streaming service, Amazon Instant Video.

There has been some criticism leveled at the show– specifically that paying someone else to build a treehouse for you defeats much of what is so rewarding about them, (that you are supposed to build them yourself and is part of the whole experience), but largely opinions about the show have been very positive. If we had to go out on a limb we would say that this one will definitely be around for a few more years.

There are currently no Blu-Ray copies of Treehouse Masters available to buy, but you can get DVD copies of the first and second season from Animal Planet’s own website for $29.93. In addition you can watch the show online on content streaming service, Amazon Instant Video. Each episode will set you back $2.99, or you can pick up the five seasons in their entirety for $14.99. If you live within the US, you can also try and catch re-runs on DirecTV: 282 (HD/SD) / 1282 (On Demand), Dish Network: 184 (SD) / 887 (HD), Satcom F4-Channel 603 (4DTV Digital), Verizon FiOS 130 (SD) / 630 (HD), Comcast Cable 66 (SD) / 224 (HD), Sky Angel 311, AT&T U-verse 252 (SD) / 1252 (HD), Southern Fibernet 125 (SD) / 1125 (HD) Zazeen (Canada) 94 (HD)

Does the thought of a show about treehouses speak to your inner child, or are you done with childish things? Could you live or stay in a treehouse, or do you like to have both feet planted firmly on the ground? Have you or anyone that you know already got a treehouse?

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