Will there be The Vanilla Ice Project Season 7 on DIY?


The Vanilla Ice Project, the reality show chronicling the rapper turned renovator and real estate expert, is in the midst of its 6th season on the DIY Network. Vanilla Ice, real name Rob Van Winkle, has actually been renovating and reselling (flipping) homes since the 90’s, but this show provided a unique look into the process of renovating homes, with the bonus perspective of its famous star and his real estate expertise.

Similar to the past seasons, the season begins with Vanilla Ice and his partners selecting a home to remodel for the season, with the idea of selling it at a profit. Each week’s 30-minute episode covers a different room of the house. In their renovation of a Palm Beach, Florida property for the sixth season, the team has to figure out how to add VIP items like a walk-in tub, spiral staircase, and indoor bowling alley, all while keeping costs down by repurposing old items, creating custom designs, and using other clever techniques.

The show has experienced a fair share of success during its six-season run, with a 6.3 rating on IMDB. Perhaps the most telling sign of its success, though, is the revitalization of Vanilla Ice’s brand. Using one house for the whole season allow for plenty of time for Vanilla Ice to get into the nuts and bolts of remodeling, a perfect match for the DIY channel audience. This had led to a sizable following for the show, one of the most popular on the network. Vanilla Ice has expanded his real estate advice as a result of the popularity, launching a training course to help others succeed at real estate investing. In addition, the show’s first season earned the Telly Award, the Factual Entertainment Award and Hermes Platinum Press Award. The show has also allowed him to discuss real estate on several mainstream channels, a limelight he has not enjoyed since the heights of his rap career.

While another season for The Vanilla Ice Project has yet to be confirmed, a new level of interest may be placed on the show and its star for a surprising reason. As a participant in the latest season of Dancing With The Stars, Vanilla Ice not only has a chance to appear in front of a larger audience but also promote the show while he does so. Do you think that appearing on Dancing With The Stars may mean a rise in viewers for The Vanilla Ice Project? Are you a fan of Dancing With The Stars looking to learn more about the show as a result of Vanilla Ice’s appearance?

In the meantime, fans of the show may want to look into a full DVD box set release of the first season in late 2016. This not only includes bonus deleted scenes but a bonus episode where Vanilla Ice and friend Dave Whitman remodel Whitman’s Pennslyvania home. Episodes are also available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. If you’d like updates on when The Vanilla Ice Project’s seventh season is announced, be sure to subscribe to us for an automatic email when the announcement is made or the show is canceled.

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