Will There Be More ‘Gilmore Girls’?


Viewers that have been lucky enough to avoid Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life spoilers will be happy to know that the show isn’t over yet. Millions worldwide have already binge watched the revival, leading to a healthy rating from both fans and critics. In its current iteration, the show has become one of the most successful Netflix productions of all time. It was supposed to be the sendoff that the original Gilmore Girls never got.

With four 90 minute episodes that made promises and delivered, the show ended on a high note. Unfortunately for the producers, it was so good that it also left the fans wanting more-again. Showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino made it worse with her cryptic quote to Hollywood Reporter in which she claims the story is complete, at least for now. If that didn’t add fuel to the fire, then when she said ‘whatever happens, happens’ pretty much meant a yes, there will be more Gilmore Girls. It was a very diplomatic way of saying if the stars line up right (casting, scheduling, pay Netflix etc.) then the one time revival could be part of a Gilmore Girls tradition.

This is a pretty interesting idea that has been bounced around with other shows, mostly of British origin. With the relaxed shooting schedule in Britain and shorter episodes, keeping a show alive for years with the original cast is not an issue. Netflix is also the best streaming services for the modern actor with a busy schedule, but things are a bit different with Gilmore Girls. They have so many moving parts that putting this together was fun, but time consuming. In many ways this was the Gilmore Girls movie that fans have always wanted. So is it even possible to continue doing this with a show that has so many important characters?

What did you think of the revival series? Should it come back for more episodes?

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sheila montgomery
sheila montgomery
19 days 12 hours ago

Yes, I’m ready for more!