Will there be ‘Mixels’ Season 3 on Cartoon Network?


Mix, Max, Murp! When Mixels mix it up, kids go wild! These short animated episodes bring their favorite Lego toys to life, and bring a storyline to the multitude of characters offered. So far, there have been nine series of the toys released, not including Nixels (the bad guys), each with their own color-coded tribe.

The Mixels can ‘mix’ together when two of them connect, ‘max’ it out when three of them connect, or ‘murp’ when something goes awry as they try to mix. They have to watch out for the Nixels, which are tiny little discolored creatures (controlled by the powerful Major Nixel) whose supreme leader is King Nixel, a super tall and very evil counter-force to the Mixels.

Unlike all other Lego shows, Mixels did not use any CGI, instead choosing to stick with traditional methods including software from ToonBoom Harmony and Flash animation. This Cartoon Network original utilized several animation houses to bring the series to life; Atomic Cartoons, Digital eMation Inc, Saerom Animation, and Big Star Entertainment were all employed to produce different episodes.

Season 1 featured all of the Mixels from series 1-3 of the toys, and premiered on February 12, 2014, on Cartoon Network, with Boomerang premiering the season on February 19, 2014. There were a total of 20 shorts and 2 mini-episodes aired, with a 30-minute special that combined the mini-episodes and seven shorts.

The first season officially concluded on August 31, 2014, with the airing of Mixed Up Special, the combination of seven back-to-back shorts with one mini-episode before, and one after, the block of shorts. The app game, Calling All Mixels, was released as a companion to this first season.

Season 2 was considerably shorter than the first, with only four 30-minute specials airing with huge gaps in between each episode, from March 9, 2015 through October 1, 2016. The app game to accompany this season was called Mixels Rush, and the toys featured were from the fourth through the ninth series.

Viewers seem to really love the short episodes and the simple silliness of the premise. Negative reviews say that the toys are fun but the show is dull, with too many instances of the Mixels tearing out each other’s eyeballs. All in all, the cartoon was well received, and the toys have been a hit.

Unfortunately, this may have been the last season of the cartoon, as it is stated that season 2 was the final season on the unofficial wikia fan page. There haven’t been any official announcements from Cartoon Network about the future of this series, so stay tuned to find out if there will be more Mixels!

The iTunes Store only offers the full first season, all 21 episodes, and two episodes of the second season so far, with fans are leaving comments begging for the final two episodes of season 2 to be added to the store.

What did you (or your children) think about the Mixels cartoon series? How many of the toy series have you collected? Would you like to see this cartoon return for future seasons?

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