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Will there be In an Instant Season 3 on ABC?


Over the decades, 20/20 has branched out into a sprawling family of television programs. In an Instant is one of the latest attempts to rebrand, or rather compartmentalize, the show. This offshoot deals with catastrophic situations. Some of these situations are natural disasters, such as an episode on a tornado strike, while others are of a man-made source, such as the one with a hospital shooting and a hostage situation.

While the description would have you believe that this is an essay into a trying situation and how the traumatic event changes the lives of the people involved, it’s really barely distinguishable from the other productions stemming out of 20/20. The situations are a little different from, say, those of some of the 20/20 special editions focusing on such topics.

One of the differences which separates In an Instant from its parent program is length. All of these TV documentaries run for two hours, including all of the commercial breaks and repeat minute parts of their stories several times. This has angered many of the fans on the internet. In the quest to fill more air time, they have had to stretch the program thin over the course of two hours per episode.

However, this does not seem to have affected the ratings of the show much. On IMBD, the program holds a 6.3 out of 10 to the mother show’s 6.6 out of 10. It seems that ABC knows its weekend night audience and how to grab their attention. Two hours may be just what loyal viewers are looking for from the fear-mongering documentary series.

As for viewership, it is doing very well. Its performance is comparable to that of 20/20 in that it usually gets over four million views per episode. This is only slightly less than the source’s average of five million views per episode. As it is practically nothing more than a re-named extension of the 20/20 documentaries, this is a good way to elongate its presence on the air.

The series has already lasted two seasons. These types of shows seem to come and go, but the market for crime and disaster documentaries on weekend night TV does not seem to wane. If this show doesn’t come back for another season, then surely we’ll get a similar show with a different name, such as Super 20/20 Brothers Turbo Arcade Edition. Until a more attractive niche is attempted by ABC, though, we will probably be seeing In an Instant for seasons to come.

If a new season is to appear, it should be announced sometime in the first quarter next year, as this show tends to air its first run in late spring or early summer. We’ll be with you as soon as we get the official word. Sign up for our E-mail notification list down below to become aware of the new developments for season 3 and beyond of In an Instant. We’ll send you a quick E-mail if the show is renewed for another season and we will also be letting you know if it’s officially cancelled.

What do you think of this ABC show? Do you prefer to watch documentaries about criminals or about disasters? Do you think traumatic events really change people’s lives or do they go back to being their old selves soon after the hype has died down? Give us your comments and opinions down below.

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