Will there be Celebrity Renovation Season 1 on FYI?


She’s the boss now. Former 80s star, Alyssa Milano (from the super successful, long running sitcom Who’s The Boss?) takes charge, leading the way in FYI’s new reality show, Celebrity Renovation.

While television audiences got to know her as Tony Danza’s daughter Samantha on the aforementioned acclaimed comedy that aired from 1984 to 1992, Milano was one of the rare child actors who extended their career, starring on the smash hit supernatural show Charmed for several years. Recently, the successful actress has also appeared in popular reality TV shows like Hollywood Game Night, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Project Runway. Now, as a mother of her own young children, she hosts a new show about improving lives by improving homes.

Airing this past summer as special programming, Celebrity Renovation has a chance to turn into a regular series on FYI. As part of the larger A&E network, the specialty channel should look to further explore the format to help fill out its roster of niche television shows.

Alyssa Milano leads a team of talented designers to help plan the renovation, and a devoted construction crew to help bring the dream into fruition. It will take a lot of help to complete the project in the allotted time of six days. This kind of race against the clock scenario adds a certain level of excitement to the proceedings.

The first Celebrity Renovation special aimed its sights on improving the home of Milano’s personal assistant, Kelly, who is in recovery from ovarian cancer. The emotional side of helping out a friend by renovating their home adds another layer to the entertainment. There’s also the idea that someone like Kelly deserves this kind of ‘pay it forward’ activity. Many viewers at home would want to do the same thing for their loved ones. It won’t be easy though. There are plenty of obstacles to clear along the way. If Kelly can battle cancer, then the crew can overcome their own battle to meet the deadline.

This kind of special is intriguing because it reveals an inside glimpse at celebrity life. Some of the audience is compelled by the lifestyle and wish to learn more. A show like Celebrity Renovation not only affords that opportunity, but also carries some emotional weight. Like other home remodeling programming, its easy to relate to the on-screen adventure.

Milano brings along an upper echelon interior designer from Hollywood, transforming Kelly’s rather plain space into something that feels more alive. Boring tiles become magnificent hardwood. A wall made of rock morphs into a breathtaking marble fireplace. A sad little bar turns into the life of the party as a banquette breakfast table. In six short, jam-packed days of hard work, Milano and her crew will have to pull off the seemingly impossible to give her friend the kind of gift she deserves, allowing Kelly to rest and recover in peace and beauty, after the struggle and horror of chemotherapy and cancer.

The one-hour special hints at the promise of an emotional series should FYI order a season run of new episodes. What begins as a personal journey for Milano, could continue with other celebrities affording the same dream come true for deserving loved ones. The actress was able to remodel Kelly’s home from something bland and forgettable, modernizing her house into something absolutely fabulous. The same offer should be enticing for other actors if the series switches up stars with each episode. Who doesn’t want to gift their friends and family something so special as a totally re-imagined home?

What celebrity would you like to see star in the next Celebrity Renovation special? Would you like to see Alyssa Milano continue as host? Would you prefer longer limited edition episodes, or a full season run? What is the best home renovation show out there?

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