Will there be American Tarzan Season 2 on Discovery Channel?


American Tarzan has finished its first season on the Discovery Channel. An attempt to combine the survival themes and knowledge of shows like Survivorman and Man Vs. Wild with the competitiveness and physical feats of Ninja Warrior, American Tarzan places seven men and women, all athletes, in the wilds of the island of Dominica, placing them in the wilderness with only their physical prowess and a basic set of tools as they traverse varied terrain and forage for food. Perhaps the major difference, though, is that this show follows a race format, where the first person to cross all four biomes of this expanse will win the title of American Tarzan.

The first season concluded with the 28-year-old gym owner and self-proclaimed jack of all trades Jeremy Guarino winning the race and taking the title. The general concept of American Tarzan was well received, with many critics and viewers alike praising the blending of some of the most popular concepts on TV currently into one package. In addition, the setting of Dominica made for a great variety of challenges, from walking through jungles to climbing across mountains to the initial mad swim to the island that started the show. Equally interesting was to see how the different athletic backgrounds of the competitors factored into their success, from a strongman to a former army nurse to a lumberjack.

While the idea of American Tarzan sounds like a winner, some did have a few qualms about the execution. One issue some viewers brought up was the editing, where some competitors seemed to have more focus placed on them, and certain aspects of the “survival” piece of the show were glossed over, for example, how they were able to compete with the minimal food they were able to forage. This issue also extended into the race portion of the show. With no overlay or tracking to show how far competitors were in the race, figuring out their progress could be harder than it needed to be. What improvements do you think could be made to a potential season 2 of American Tarzan?

While there may be a few kinks to work out, American Tarzan certainly has a winning concept, and many people are looking for more. The combination of an exotic setting and the hard work and dedication of the competitors has led to a healthy amount of viewers for the show and a solid 5.3 on IMDB. To date, a second season has yet to be announced for American Tarzan, but the show has certainly come out at the right time. As long as expenses don’t play a negative role, chances are that this show has a strong chance of being renewed. If American Tarzan comes back for another season, what type of locale would you like to see this time?

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