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Will There Be A ‘Sex and the City’ Spinoff?


Sex and the City doesn’t seem to be done with its narrative just yet, as former cast member Kim Cattrall hinted that she may be the star of a spinoff. A segment on the Wendy Williams show that talked about a possible spinoff led to Cattrall responding to it with a positive vibe. Everything sounded so positive in her reply that there is now serious talk about it happening, specifically with Cattrall starring as her character Samantha Jones in an associated spinoff.

Twitter is just a dangerous place, and this is the reason why! With so few characters to express your feelings, this is either a promising post about a series in the making or simply an actress that is just being positive. It doesn’t help that one of the millions of fans that was shocked by this news asked her directly if the spinoff was ‘happening’ and Cattrall responded with ‘fingers crossed’. This is a pretty big deal, and with shows like Will and Grace coming back, overlooking the chance of a Sex and the City spinoff would be ridiculous. They are still relevant today, and 2018 would be the 20th anniversary of the show.

It was about six years ago that all of the cast members were onscreen, and that was for Sex and the City 2. Since then there hasn’t really been anything on HBO to replace the show, and all of the ladies have gone their separate ways. If the show does come back with this supposed spinoff, then it would really open the doors to a possible 3rd movie. That by itself would be worth the production efforts, as both movies have so far been money makers for the studio!

Will there be a spinoff of one of the best series on HBO? Do you care if it only focuses on Cattrall’s character?

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