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Will ‘The Crown’ Finish Its Run?


When shows finally get their big break and make it to television, it’s anyone’s guess how long they will be on the air. A pitch is made to the executives that gives them a good idea of how long they expect the series to finish its original storyline, and they go from there with no promises. So even if a show said it will finish its storyline in 2 years, it is at the networks discretion to even allow it. And likewise, if that same show finishes its two year promised run and the bosses want more, well prepare for some extra creative moves from the show’s creators!

So long or short, all shows have a life expectancy that is 100% up to the network the air on. So what is this recent crazy news that The Crown would air for 6 seasons? Of course this is great news for fans of the show, but considering it is one of the most expensive shows to produce on Netflix, how can it be possible that it would run this long? The show creators obviously know what they’re doing, because it was the Netflix content boss that voiced his pleasure with the show and the idea of it running six seasons. But Ted Sarandos even took it a step further, claiming that The Crown would run for the next decade!

They are already in production for the second season, and the first has been met with rave reviews. There is a good chance it will dethrone Victoria sooner rather than later. So is all of this praise about it running for multiple seasons the real deal or just lip service? Unfortunately, only time will tell!

Will The Crown run for at least six seasons and beyond? How many total seasons do you think it will run?

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