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Will ‘Game Of Thrones’ Get A Spin Off?


The soon to end Game of Thrones may have a spinoff in the works, which isn’t surprising with it being HBO’s cash cow. As the epic series of epic series, there are a lot of ways the show can take the plot, and it will all depend on how the current main program ends. HBO programming president Casey Bloys is already toying around with the idea, but is still mulling over the overall decision.

  1. Game Of Thrones has long strayed from the books, for better or for worse. They will no doubt lap George R.R. Martin who is still working on the Game of Throne series.
  2. The last few seasons will be a bloodbath, as all sides fight for control. With the budget being out of control, if they do decide on a spinoff there will be massive pressure to produce fast results. So even with the backing of Game of Thrones, if the spinoff doesn’t offer quick gratification, then it will be cancelled to cut budgeting costs.
  3. That quick gratification means that HBO will most likely pressure the creators to do a spinoff on a popular character so the audience is more welcoming to the idea. This kills any chance of a lesser or unknown character getting a series, as they will focus on the big names.
  4. Bloys is already heading in a different direction with the spinoff, and current showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss want no part of it. They also wrote the television adaptation, and have long been respectful of the world Martin has created.

So the biggest problem facing a spinoff is whether it will be quality or just another cash grab. It’ll all come down to how much influence HBO has on the series.

Is a Game Of Thrones spinoff a good idea? Or should it just all end with the main series?

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