Will Fast n’ Loud Be Renewed for Season 10 on Discovery Channel?


By its name you can probably the guess the series is about cars. Fast n’ Loud follows two car salesmen, Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman, as they buy used and run down cars and work their magic. Picking up vehicles that are faulty, dirty and decrepit, they use their expertise and know-how to transform the car into something appealing and sellable, before making a profit by selling it in its new form.

It isn’t just reality TV, as there is always a skit in each episode that is along its theme. And such was the success of the show in its early stages that it spawned an off-shoot, Misfit Garage, which saw some members of the original Fast N’ Loud crew start their own garage doing much the same thing.

Based in Texas, the Gas Monkey Garage is the setting of the show, where Rawlings and Kaufman ply their trade. It appeals to the motor user demographic. So basically every working adult in the United States and much of the rest of the word. I don’t really care for cars much, but shows like this and Top Gear do make the whole culture around cars and cars themselves seem quite interesting. Even if I’ll never find myself frothing at the mouth over some newly installed rims or added suspension.

The show was average 2-3 million views per episode in its first few seasons, with that number now fluctuating between 1 and 2 million. Not as strong as the early parts of the series, but good enough that we can expect it on our TV screens for a while yet. The most recent season began at the end of August and more of the same has been on show from the mechanic boys.

Directed by Aaron Kummel and Aaron Schurman, the series’ 9th season is under way. Quite a fear, considering there are plenty of other auto reality TV shows to take the spotlight. It’s a competitive world out there and they must be doing something right in order to consistently garner a few million viewers. Its figures peaked in season 4 with 2.5 million views.

If you’ve managed to keep up with the current series, you’ll know what’s happening at the moment. ‘Gas Monkey Grillers’, the 5th episode of the current series, saw Rawlings and friends explore the world of adrenaline junkies and how far they will go to get their fix and prove their metal. Cue a hilarious and adrenaline-heavy episode of crashes and stunts. It was quite some viewing!

And the upcoming episode (the show airs on Mondays), named ‘The Pickup Artist’ will see both Richard and Aaron set themselves an ambitious deadline of six weeks to turn a ’49 Chevy pickup into a beauty worthy of competing at the big Lone Star Throwdown. This challenge will really have them up against it, as the time frame for a transformation like this is normally a few months, depending on the car. Not a month and a half! Tune in to find out how it goes.

What’s been your favourite episode or series of Fast n’ Loud so far? How do you think the show has fared over the last few years with the emergence of its competitor Misfit Garage and other auto reality TV series?

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