Will Dual Survival Be Renewed for Season 10 on Discovery Channel?


The ninth season of Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival premiered August 24th, 2016, with new survivalist hosts and new adventures. For those not familiar with the show, two survival experts from different backgrounds are dropped off in the wilderness with minimal amount of gear and supplies. They must work together to survive the most remote and challenging terrain our planet has to offer. Friction has occurred frequently in the past when the hosts did not agree on how to approach solving different problems, and through it’s run, the series has gone employed 7 previous hosts.

This season features new hosts
EJ Snyder and Jeff Zausch (former contestants of Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid) team up for the first time to face all new challenges in extreme locations all over the world. The network is excited to have new hosts who have already proven to television audiences that they are well versed in survival strategies and techniques when placed in various exotic and uninhabitable locations. Despite their age difference (Snyder, the U.S. Army Combat Veteran is 50 years old, while Zausch, the wilderness survivalist, is almost 30) the duo already expressed that they feel a strong comradery and brotherly trust for one another. This resonates on the show, as the duo easily come to an agreement on action plans even when their knowledge and opinions differ when faced with problems.

Lukewarm reaction from fans
Before the season even started, Dual Survival fans were loudly voicing their disapproval of Snyder and Zausch on social media as new hosts on the show. Last season’s host, Grady Powell, a former U.S. Green Beret, was a fan favorite, and received strong viewer support for being a knowledgeable expert and a likeable TV personality. The Discovery channel did not give any explanation as to why they made cast changes, which frustrated fans even more. Complaints on Twitter and Facebook cite to scenarios and conflicts being staged, and the situations not being realistic.

Despite this, viewership has remained consistent with season 8’s audience, with an average of 867,500 viewers tuning in for this season’s first four episodes. IMdb rates these series 7.7/10 despite the show’s weak online presence.

This seasons upcoming episodes feature lions and hostile terrain in South Africa (October 5th) and three thousand pound hippopotamuses in Botswana (October 12th). Will fans overcome their reservations and embrace Snyder and Zausch? Will their new-found love and appreciation for each other persevere?

No word yet on if the show will be renewed for a 10th season, or if the Discovery Channel will invite Snyder or Zausch back to host. Considering that the 9th season was only renewed after the season wrapped for season 8, we might have to wait a while for news. Tuning in each week will be the best way to ensure the series comes back next year.

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