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Will Danger Mouse Be Renewed for Season 2 on CBBC?


Coming back from the 1980s to fight animated crime, its Danger Mouse! Yes, this is the revamped version of the classic cartoon that was so loved and adored 35 years ago, and fans are rejoicing at its return.

The classic Bond-style super-spy hierarchy has Danger Mouse, the “world’s greatest secret agent” paired with a sidekick hamster named Penfold (some might say is similar to Moneypenny), who go around saving the earth from crazy villains. Their boss also has a single call-letter in his name, but rather than M, he is Colonel K. Another parallel with Bond is the brilliant inventor, Professor Squawkencluck, which would be like Q (and at least there is a ‘Q’ in his name). When Baron von Greenback, and a slew of various kooky enemies, come face to face with Danger and his team, they never win.

The first series premiered on 28 September 2015, with CBBC as the proud presenting network. Producers FremantleMedia and animators Irish Boulder have outdone themselves with the detailed resurrection of the beloved undercover critters. The launch was so successful that CBBC happily reported that their viewership reached 2.4 million within the first three weeks of airing, boosting itself up to be one of the highest rated shows ever to air on the network.

Do not fret, international fans! Danger Mouse also airs in Australia on ABC Me, and in the US on Netflix. The first series aired 52 episodes, and each were only 11 minutes long (except the premiere episode and the Christmas special, The Snowman Cometh; they were each 22 minutes). The series 1 finale was on October 20, 2016, and it has already been confirmed via an official announcement on 19 May 2016, that Danger Mouse will definitely return for a second series!

Kids love this series so much that parents have felt the need to let it be known they are highly in favor of it on IMDb, where the score is 7.6 out of 10 with over 170 votes cast. Viewers are critical about how this revival is almost too close to the original, with the animation style a near exact match and the gags seemingly re-worded at times. They have also commented about how the series seems to be on the wrong network, and would be a better fit for BBC One programming.

Others have voiced their opinion about the brilliant voice casting, but they do note that viewers need to be a fan of the comedy style or else it will feel like wasted time. Overall, viewers are in favor of this reboot, and although kids might enjoy it, adults who were kids in the 80s seem to be the biggest fans now as well.

Did you watch Danger Mouse as a kid (or an adult) in the 80s? Which of the wacky villains are your favorites? Do you think there will ever be a spin-off or a feature film made of this famous cartoon?

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