Why The Aisha Tyler Promotion Matters On ‘Criminal Minds’


The season 12 premiere is creeping ever so close, and already September 28th looks like it will be one of the biggest days on television. Criminal minds is losing and gaining people, with the biggest of their gains being Aisha Tyler. The multitalented actress and comedian just got promoted to series regular, and has instantly become one of the busiest women in Hollywood. Her promotion is important not only to her own career, but also to the Criminal Minds franchise.

Dr. Tara Lewis was a very underrated and underused character on the series. In some circles she was considered one of the best characters to guest star on the show, which is why she ended up with such a beefy regular role. Criminal Minds has also made a few other hires on screen and behind the scenes, with all of these changes in some way tied to the people that left.

The biggest of the names that left was Shemar Moore, who was immediately replaced by Adam Rodriguez in a brand new role. This calmed the waters a bit, as Rodriguez is a veteran of both the big screen and the small screen. His role seems legit, but there is no guarantee that audiences will take to it.

Paget Brewster will be returning as Prentiss, but not for the entire series. It will be for a particular story arc, and then what? Her multiple episode run this season will be fantastic, but it still isn’t considered a regular series role.

Think of Tyler as the perfect Criminal Minds vet to truly fill the hole that Moore left, and she already has a proven track record on the show. Tyler will be a welcome fulltime addition, and Criminal Minds will continue to be awesome!

What do you think of her promotion? Will she be able to realize the character’s true potential as a full time member?

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