Why ‘Mom’ Is The Best Comedy On CBS


Underappreciated wouldn’t be the correct word to attach to the Chuck Lorre created Mom. But looking at how Mom is viewed on the network against the other shows tells a story. The Big Bang Theory is still considered king in the ratings, while old favorites like Mike and Molly have been replaced with Man with a Plan. Neither one of those shows break the mold for comedy, and are about as generic as comedy gets- which isn’t a bad thing, since they’re both entertaining shows.

With The Odd Couple reboot heading into its third season next year, CBS has once again giving the reigns to a generic comedy that brings nothing new to the table. Yet their two best genre breaking comedies, Mom and 2 Broke Girls, has continually pulled in ratings from the demographics that their other comedies keep missing. These shows really are the answer for comedy on the network, although 2 Broke Girls tends to tip toe the extreme version of edgy. It’s still a show that stands out from the rest of the comedies on the network, and has been successful in its run since 2011.

With Mom still picking up new viewers since 2013, CBS should really consider how it wants to pursue new original comedies. Mom is a fantastic balance between edgy and traditional, with a little bit of drama thrown in to keep things interesting. It has the smartest writing of any show on the network, and will without a doubt get renewed at seasons end. Besides killing it in the ratings, Mom has received several legit awards for both writing and acting performances. If this is the mold of a great comedy show, why isn’t CBS duplicating it more?

Is Mom the best comedy on CBS? How would you rank it again the flagship comedy Big Bang Theory?

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