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ITV's Crime series will not be renewed for a Fifth season

#Whitechapel Cancelled, No Season Five :(

Whitechapel is the mystery, crime thriller that has run from 2009 to 2013 from the creators Caroline Ip and Ben Court with production from Independent Television and Carnival Film & Television.

What’s It All About?

#Whitechapel is set in 2008 in the atmospheric @Whitechapel in London where the streets were once stalked by the notorious killer Jack the Ripper. The series sees the police force coming up against a copycat killer and the team, made up of Detective Inspector Chandler, DS Miles and a tour guide who takes people on tours of the haunts of the old killer.

What’s Been Happening?

@Whitechapel hit our TV screens with season 1 episode 1 on February 2 2009 with the body of a woman being found dead after being strangled and her throat being slit, while she was partially gutted. When a second murder takes place in the second episode it becomes clear that there is a serial killer on the loose and he is copying Jack the Ripper murders which happened 100 years before. Season 1 ended with the 3rd episode and saw yet another murder; however this time it was the murder of one of their own and police found evidence leading them to find out who the next victim would be.
Season 2 episode 1 arrived on October 11 2010 and saw the body of a man being taken out of the River Thames and more attacks on people, all of whom testified against the Kray twins, gangsters who ruled the east end of London. The season ended on October 25 200.
Season 3 aired on January 30 2012 with more murder and mayhem on the streets of London, with the season lasting 6 episodes this time.
Season 4 ran from September 4 2013 to October 9 2013 with gruesome murders including a man that was disemboweled in a sewer, the murder of a student and cannibals who killed and eat their victims.
But what about a season 5?

What’s In Store?

If you have been a fan of #Whitechapel you won’t be pleased to hear that there isn’t going to be a season 5 of the TV series. Actor Rupert Penry-Jones spoke up through Twitter to tell fans of the show that the series had been cancelled. There were rumors going around that Lovefilm might take over the series and air it; however it is thought that this is nothing more than just a rumor and there hasn’t been any conformation.
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What Are The Top 3 Outstanding Episodes?

Season 1 episode 1 was one of the outstanding episodes of Whitechapel with the death of the young women in the style of the original Jack the Ripper and getting some background information on the original Jack the Ripper killer from the guide.
Season 3 episode 1 was popular due to the murder mystery of four friends in a tailors shop without any signs of there being forced entry and the people of Whitechapel believe the killer is supernatural.
Season 3 episode 3 gave viewers the chills when a severed hand is hound and the rest of the dismembered body is found in the Thames. The police go to a house with a garden that is booby trapped and find a foot in the garden and the dead husband of the homeowner in the cellar of the house.

Trivia and Facts
  • Did you know that Whitechapel was actually filmed in and around east London and original locations of Jack the Ripper were used in the series?
  • Did you know that a lot of the names of the characters were based on victims and suspects from the Jack the Ripper cases?
  • Did you know that in season 1 in scenes where the prostitutes were murdered real offal was used? However this caused a bad smell during filming and in season 2 it was changed to prosthetics.
  • Did you know that Dave Atkins was supposed to star in a feature role in the series but he passed away before he filmed it?
  • Did you know that the
    Met in London doesn’t actually use two way mirrors in interview rooms?
Choices for Watching Again

Have you enjoyed watching Whitechapel? If so you can watch the series again Amazon video. If you would like to purchase it to keep, seasons 1 to 4 are available on DVD.
Were you disappointed when Whitechapel ended with season 4? Did you enjoy the gruesome murders in atmospheric east London?

Let us know your thoughts on the series in the comments.

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D starrett
D starrett
1 year 6 months ago

Why do all the good shows get canceled? This show has everything regarding mystery, suspense, creativity, friendship, creep factor and so on!

1 year 4 months ago

Winding down to the last few episodes of season 4 I was getting anxious on how long I’d have to wait until season 5. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY ALL THE GOOD SHOWS GET CANCELLED.. DO THE NETWORKS JUST NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT THE VIEWERS WANT?
I’m of the opinion that there are alot of viewers that are once again DISAPPOINTED and a li’l bit angry. I know I am.

1 year 3 months ago

Yes, this is VERY annoying. We get hooked in these series and the idiotic networks just cancel them who knows why. It causes me to not want to watch any more series.

4 months 22 days ago

just binge watched Whitechapel, so great to watch a series that isn’t dominated by a certain religious faction that control the media. Brilliant series and it should never have been cancelled. Obviously wasn’t pushing the usual Hollywood agenda that guarantees success!

Mares Willis
Mares Willis
4 months 6 days ago

Noooooooooooooooooo!!!! Whyyyyyyyyy????? What are the “Powers that Be!” (at ITV) thinking? DO NOT listen to the critics grift — you have us TVLand family and we are hooked, line and sinker! Oh of course — to quote Ed “If I’m right, then there’s going to be more deaths!” And he was right, of course – the death of the show. Blinking shame and total rip-off – ITV you should be ashamed of yourselves — leaving us poor viewing folk to swing in the wind — you got us connected to Joe, and Miles, and Kent, and Buchan and Ripley and the ever pregnant doc and even that crazy old lady with alopecia! Shattered that the team and their crappy HQ will be only ghost-like non-closure memories in my dreams. Sad face in Texas!