‘White Gold’ Looking To Get Big Ratings


Inbetweeners stars Joe Thomas and James Buckley have been targeted by BBC2 in a new comedy series. Even creator/writer Damon Beesley is happy about the casting, as it can only mean immediate ratings for the series. He was the brains behind Inbetweeners, and is in his comfort zone with his two prized actors. Other actors in the series include Ed Westwick and Lauren O’Rourke. If Westwick sounds familiar, that is because he was on the US drama Gossip Girl.

So what is the story about anyway? Set in 1983 Essex, it is the UK equivalent of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Essex is already infamous with both a reality show and soap in its honor, and now it will have a scripted show to showcase all of its glory. Beesley wants to sell the story of what the old Essex was like, and is essentially telling the story of his youth through the series. Could it be a winner in the realm of The Goldbergs?

Shooting hasn’t started yet, so there are plenty of ways to take the series from a storytelling point of view. With a focus on comedy and the team involved, there is very little chance the show will be a flop. It will be a six part series that will be ready to air in 2017, and the expectations are already through the roof. Anything less than what the Inbetweeners had to offer will leave fans and critics disappointed. That is a pretty lofty bar to meet, but creator Damon Beesley is more than willing to put it all on his shoulders. This time next year will mark another hit on his long running resume.

Do you think this show will be as big as hit as the Inbetweeners? What do you think about the casting so far?

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