When to expect Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Season 7 on Cartoon Network?


These Ninja Don’t Stop! Spinjitzu is a serious martial art, powered by the forces of nature. And to the Ninja who protect its secrets, it is the best weapon against those who seek to destroy them. This highly-involved CGI Lego-drama surrounds six Ninja and their master, Sensei Wu, as they battle the forces of evil and fight to protect the fantasy land of Ninjago.

This series has been running strong on Cartoon Network for six seasons, since the pilots originally aired in early 2011. The first three seasons were of inconsistent numbers of episodes and were spread out across the year. Beginning with season 4 there have been 10-episodes each season, and after trials of airing the show in spring with season 4, then summer with season 5, Cartoon Network decided to stick with summer airing for season 6, finding that time of year to be best for growing viewership while kids are out of school.

Season 5 aired from June 29 through July 10, 2015, and earned an average viewership of 1.83 million across all 10 episodes. Season 6 premiered on June 9, 2016, and had its finale on July 15, 2016, and viewership tallies are yet to be fully calculated. Fans started buzzing about the season 7 release date while season 6 was still airing, and it was rumored to be sometime in October 2016.

Then the show did something unexpected; they aired the first Ninjago special on October 29, 2016, as a 45-minute long ‘episode’ entitled, “Day of the Departed.”

Based on a tradition in many cultures around the world where the living honor their dead ancestors on a feast day, such as Mexico’s Day of the Dead, in this special episode the Ninja go to the Hall of Villainy on the Day of the Departed. There, they find statues of all the bad-guys from their past, before heading to the temple to pay homage to their ancestors. Cole notices that his ghost-body is disappearing and he heads to resolve his beef with Yang at his temple, where the Departed Realm portal opens and brings the villain statues to life. Everybody fights everybody, and Cole has to stop Yang from being resurrected in the Rift of Return. Things get epic when Yang and Cole make amends and try to both come back across the magical threshold to Ninjago, only to find out that one of them must stay behind to protect the temple (of course, Yang stays). When Cole comes back across, he is human again, and the Ninja finish honoring their ancestors at the temple before heading home.

Although there hasn’t been any official news about the season 7 release date, perhaps the special episode was a warm-up for what fans can expect from the feature film, set to release in September 2017. The highly anticipated Ninjago movie has an amazing voice cast, starring the talents of Jackie Chan, Olivia Munn, Michael Peña, Zach Woods, Kumail Nanjiani, and Fred Armisen.

Until summer 2017, fans can catch re-runs of Ninjago throughout the week at various times, and there are plenty of videos to watch on the Cartoon Network website as well as YouTube.

Did you enjoy the long special episode? Are you excited about next season and the new film? Now that Cole is no longer a ghost, what will become of his powers?

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