When to expect Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda Season 7 on ID?


Homicide Hunter Lt Joe Kenda follows the career of detective Joe Kenda as he revisits past homicides he investigated in his 21-year career. The show re-enacts cases that he investigated himself, and he reviews and revises the process and procedures followed at the scene of the crime. Kenda’s wit is dry, and his sarcasm is well used in his narration. Although these crimes have already been solved, the details of the murders are so gruesome, the images and emotions still follow Kenda to this day. Marino plays a younger Kenda in the re-enactments and together they take us through Kenda’s thought process and decision making. He is considered a respected and savvy detective and the re-enactments are careful and respectfully done. Kenda is honest and raw in his narrations, carefully describing his thought process and allows us to see the world through his eyes.

Friction behind the scenes

While Marino and Kenda have only met once in person, as Kenda lives in Colorado and the show is produced in Knoxville Tennessee, there was tension between them from the start of series. In an interview in “The Setup: A True Story of Dirty Cops, Soccer Moms, and Reality TV” by Pete Crooks, Kenda recounted his first conversation with Marino. Marino told Kenda that he had experience as a detective in New York and he hoped to draw from this experience in his new role acting. Due to his inquisitive nature, Kenda decided to learn more about Morino more, and learned from law enforcement colleagues that Morino was never a detective. Instead he worked as detention officer in Upstate New York. From that point on, Kenda has been vocal in Marino’s untrustworthiness because of his lie.

Production Notes

While filming, certain production compromises needed to be made to accommodate Marino while staying true to a real depiction of Kenda. This is evident in Marino smoking a fake cigarette in scenes when called for, as the actor is very health conscious and did not want to smoke real cigarettes in his portrayal of Kenda.


With the show’s popularity, production approved more and more episodes per season as it was renewed. A humble beginning of 5 episodes in season 1 has grown to 20 episodes in season 5 and 6.

The 6th season premiered August 24th 2016 on Investigation Discovery, and upcoming episodes feature a woman found dead in her own bathtub (episode 6), and the deaths of an Iraq War Veteran (episode 7) and a Vietnam War veteran (episode 8). The show scores a respectable 8.9 starts on IMDb reviews are favorable from critics and on social media fans alike.

If rating continue consistently, and assuming that they have enough interesting stories to continue to tell, the Season 7 premiere date should be announced soon.

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