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What Will Happen In The ‘Power’ Season Finale?


The Power season finale is already upon us and will air tonight. Even with a million things happening at once, it seems like the season only just began. Here is how the series will handle its temporary outro along with some things that fans should look out for.

Ghost is not going to die. This may seem obvious to some, but there is still a legion of fans that believe he will be offed before the series comes to an end. Now when the series comes to an end, and it will, then both Tommy and Ghost become eligible for death. Until then, the untouchables remain Ghost, Tommy and Kanan.

So then what’s the point of Tommy turning heel and saying he is going to kill Ghost, again? It’s not all for dramatic effect, as his former friend felt betrayed for the last time. Tommy will no doubt put a plan into motion to kill Ghost with the help of Milan, but there will be a mistake made somewhere. What’s the most important thing to Ghost? His family. Viewers should look for someone close to Ghost to get offed in the finale. And no, not Tariq since he is currently playing son to daddy Kanan.

Which brings the story back to Tasha’s friend LaKeisha, who may or may not be dead. The last time she was seen Tommy was heading into her shop. Considering Tommy just offed one of the biggest dealers (and his personal friend) in Ruiz, then all bets are off to what he will do now.

So in summary, someone in Ghosts family will die and the LaKeisha storyline will be wrapped up. As a bonus, they may even have Kanan finally interacting with Tommy or Ghost!

What do you think will happen in the finale? Will they kill off Ghost or Tommy before season 4?

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