What The Heck Is ‘Hooten & the Lady’?


Upon hearing the title Hooten & the Lady, most people will roll their eyes and not think nothing of it. But for those that take it a step further and read the synopsis, holy cow! Now this is a series that deserves to get some serious marketing!

Hooten & the Lady is an eight part series about an American Fortune hunter named Hooten who gets stuck with renowned historian Lady Alex in a treasure hunting adventure. It has been called part Indiana Jones and part Romancing the Stone. The shots released in media kits over the internet point to a dazzling, romantic and awe inspiring adventure that is unlike anything else seen on television. The content they are using is so good that it could be made into a movie, yet they managed to squeeze it onto a small screen with a tight budget.

Starring in the series will be Michael Landes and Ophelia Lovibond, and their dynamic already seems to be fun and full of life. On one hand you have Hooten, the gruff and suave adventurer that takes too many risks. Then you have Lady Alex, intelligent, beautiful and calm, yet completely reserved when it comes to taking risks. The personalities are a perfect mix, and there is even a Mulder-Scully element going on there, although with more direct flirting.

The show will be just as much about the duo learning to trust one another as it will be about the exotic locations and treasure. Jane Seymour will make an appearance as Alex’s mother, and Jessica Hynes will play an important role as Ella. Viewers should not miss this, as it will be a one of a kind series when it airs.

What are you looking forward to the most with the series? Who would you like to see guest star?

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