What Should Be Expected From ‘The Americans’?


It’s still hard to believe that The Americans will be ending in less than two years. Seasons five and six will be the final two, and will end with a run of 13 and 10 episodes. The premiere for season five is already catching buzz, and here is what fans should expect in 2017.

  1. The entire season five will work on setting up the final season. They have made it clear that there will be no major characters introduced, that way they can focus on closing out the stories of the original characters.
  2. This isn’t a rush to the end, and the showrunners have put serious thought into how the series will be closed out. They created a document called the ‘Final Plan’, which has since grown to fifty pages in length. They’re taking the ending of the show very seriously and won’t cut any corners when it comes to execution.
  3. Stan will more than likely have a Hank Schrader moment when he realizes that his neighbors have been Russian spies all along. This opens up a lot of story arcs since he has befriended them, and in particular has been a mentor to their son Henry. Things get even more complicated since his own son Matthew seems to have feelings for Paige, the neighbor’s daughter. The two have already kissed, so how does Stan do his job without destroying the children around him?
  4. There are no plans for a spinoff, yet there is a setup for one. Having a show about the younger versions of Philip and Elizabeth would be a real treat for the fans. It is a longshot, but would be worth putting on the table as a spinoff.

Only two seasons left, and just now the show is starting to get recognition!

What do you think will happen in the last two seasons? Will there be a happy ending?

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