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AHC has yet to announce the fate of What History Forgot Season 3

Release Date of #WHF S3: To be announced

True history buffs have rejoiced at the American Heroes Channel’s release of the new series, What History Forgot. Uncovering hidden stories from the past, the show is a fascinating look at the building blocks of the world from a different perspective. These stories have helped to shape some of the most well known historical events, be they scandals or iconic, from secret Coca Cola ingredients to the National Anthem, it can be said that every story has two sides, if not more! Even those who aren’t particularly interested in history will find the stories to be intriguing, and may just question what they’ve learned over their lives. The show is hosted by a real life history teacher, Joe Moniaci, proving that history class can, in fact, be entertaining.

What are some of the stories they’ve uncovered? 

Each episode features four different stories, so viewers learn a lot of new fun facts each week. The show goes into many different topics, from bootlegging during the Prohibition at Madison Square Garden, to unbreakable codes of WWII and some of the war’s most classified operations. They also dig into the surprising history of the American National Anthem, with roots as a British drinking song?! The stories are engaging, and these are lessons that students won’t immediately forget.

Who is Joe Moniaci? 

Joe Moniaci is an advanced placement history teacher at Valley Stream North High School who until the show started had never been on film. He wasn’t worried though, because teaching is essentially like putting on a show in front of a live teenaged audience every day, so it was an easy transition for him. He earned his master’s degree from Columbia University’s Teachers College, and makes sure to offer his skills fact checking the show when he isn’t responsible for the segment ideas. He is a passionate teacher whose students respect his work, and even rated a whopping 4 stars on Rate My Teachers. His students have commended him for being informative, smart, and he teaches in a way that helps his students learn the best. His passion for history is obvious in his teaching methods, while consistently holding his students to high expectations, and having it usually pay off.

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How did the show get started?

When Mr. Moniaci’s former student Samuel Catalano began interning at a production studio called Atlas Media, he had an assignment to pitch anything, and he selected a history related show. Turning to his former teacher, Samuel emailed him asking for suggestions for event topics. Mr. Moniaci gave him some ideas and jokingly said that he would be the host. Well, things evolved and before he knew it he was creating the demo reel for #WhatHistoryForgot, and the show soon became a reality.

How are people reacting to the show? 

The show has been very well received so far, and has earned an incredible 8.8 stars on, which is better than a lot of shows can say. Audiences find the content to be amazingly fascinating and sometimes shocking which makes it all that more exciting. There are rouge critics who question its veracity, and the others that

just believe it if it’s in the history books, but find a show that doesn’t have naysayers. Other than that, they find Moniaci to be charismatic and an interesting storyteller, who they wouldn’t have minded having as a history teacher. While it is still in its infancy, its ratings have remained great and the series looks very promising to continue into a third season, as they boast numerous other stories that are worthy of sharing.

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11 months 14 days ago

We desperately need more of this show! There are so many things we think are facts that we are raised with, the truth should come out. We have an abbreviated history in our schools. The real stories are so much more intriguing, and to get kids interested in American History, they need to know the truth. The power of one person making a difference, is a repeated theme in history, and an important message to get through to kids and adults alike. This show helps uncover important facts and bring them to light.