What Happened To ‘Pure Genius’?


CBS may be pulling the rug from underneath Pure Genius, as they won’t be ordering any more episodes beyond the original order. That leaves a giant question mark after the thirteenth episode, which more than likely means the series will be cancelled. There are only two weeks until production for the freshman season wraps up, yet there isn’t a lot of positive energy surrounding the series.

Pure Genius is about a tech billionaire named James Bell that wants to solve medical mysteries. Rather than use approved methods, he uses his vast fortune to implement untested high tech resolutions, most which lead to those in the medical community hating him. There is a lot of controversy in his methods, yet no one can deny that he is an innovator willing to take risks in a pretty stagnant field.

The show had pretty average ratings but it was never bad, so why CBS is sending it off to die is unknown. At this point there is a possibility that they are trying to see where it fits in the schedule, so that if they do keep it on there will be an open spot. So fans of the show shouldn’t be completely up in arms, although the chances of it getting renewed are slim. Creators Jason Katims and Sarah Watson haven’t really said anything, and star Dermot Mulroney has been strangely absent.

If Pure Genius does get pulled, it will be one of the few failed fall shows for CBS, a network that has been pretty stout this year when it comes to their new programming. And even with a cancellation, the ratings from Pure Genius hardly qualifies it as a failure. It’s just a good show that didn’t get the ratings the network expected.

Will the show get renewed for a second season? What can they do to improve ratings?

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9 months 6 days ago

I loved that show! Why is it that I never see any of these polls asking about a show? That was a good show with interesting topics. I hope they do not cancel it and leave other crappy shows on.