What ‘Ballers’ Season 2 Taught The Fans


With season 2 firmly out of the way, the finale left viewers locked in the season 3 in 2017. Most of the loose ends were tied up in HBO’s incredible sports series. This was probably the best season finale of any show on television this year, and it left a very good impression that the next season would be even bigger and better.

  1. Spencer used to be a slime ball, and he finally admitted it to the public. This was an important step in getting forgiveness not only for himself, but from former friend Eddie George. In order to become an officially licensed financial advisor for the NFL, this was an important step.
  2. Eddie George can ACT. It was a bit jarring seeing the former NFL player perform at that level, and it was the best guest role ever on the show. They need to bring him back, period.
  3. Anderson is not a complete slime ball and did something that not only advances the plot, but offers a deep character change. Rather than taking Spencer’s ill gotten money and leaving him in a bad position, he offered a partnership that was better for Spencer and company. Viewers should realize that the man just turned down a lot of money for a division with a black eye on it, and no prime targets. This was 100% a gut decision by Mr. Anderson, and it was awesome!
  4. Ricky Jerret is not his papa’s son, and may not want to work as hard for the ring if money isn’t involved. Jerrett has always been a bit self-centered, so taking a 900% pay cut to go to Boston for a Super Bowl shot may not be how he wants to end his career.

This is the hottest show on HBO right now, and one that doesn’t drag out its plotlines. With Spencer getting a hip replacement (finally) there will be some great things in the opening episode of season 3.

What did you think of the finale? Will Ricky go to New England?


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