What About ‘Royalties’?


Guess who is returning to FOX after a long absence? Darren Criss! He will be returning to help develop a new show called Royalties, which is being billed as a musical workplace comedy. This is pretty cool since it is coming from a former Glee member, and looks like it could turn out to be a lot different than the show he was on.

Royalties will be about the producers and songwriters behind some of the biggest musical stars in the industry. These unsung heroes are responsible for all of the hits on the radio today, and do all of the hard work while getting none of the glory. There are a lot of politics and high drama behind the scenes, and that is where the bread and butter of the show will come about. The many clashing personalities at Royalty Music will be the focus of the series, with a starting plot centering on a one hit wonder that wants to become a household name again.

Writing the series will be Patrick Carlyle and Allyn Rachel, with Criss onboard as a co-executive producer. The sad news is that even if the project goes into production, Criss will not step in front of the camera as one of the stars. While this may break the heart of a lot of hardcore Glee fans, it makes sense if he wants to develop the series from within. Criss is a very talented behind the scenes worker, and even contributed to some of the bigger ideas on Glee when it was on air.

If the project is successful, this will become yet another musical based series that FOX is in control of. They seem to know what makes a great musical series, and have a firm control over the market.

Can Royalties be a successful show on the FOX schedule? What was your favorite Darren Criss song?

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