‘Westworld’ Releases Full Length Trailer


HBO just released a bold new trailer for the masses, with the mature version really driving home what they want to do with the series. The full length trailer runs for a full 2 minutes 10 seconds with enough wow moments to leave viewers wanting more.

Westworld for HBO is a remake of the 1973 Westworld movie by Michael Crichton. The production has been in development hell for a while now, and is just now really starting to show the fruits of its labor. While being developed for television there have been a lot of changes to the format and the overall take of the series, and for the parts revealed they have all been excellent. The biggest change is the reason the androids begin to attack the humans. Rather than through the penalty of a virus in the film, the show will use a modern plot and have the androids gain awareness.

Westworld on HBO comes from the mind of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The pair have been hard at work in creating the next big thing on HBO, an important feat for the network since Game of Thrones is ending in 2 more seasons. Stars already cast in the series are Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson and more. This will be an all-star cast that rivals American Gods in depth and experience.

So can the show live up to the major hype after years of production, along with the renewed hype with a trailer that promises everything? The last big failure to have all of these qualities was No Man’s Sky, and the fallout is still breaking internet records after being released this month!

How comfortable do you feel about HBO delivering a stellar version of Westworld? Will it become the networks next flagship series?

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