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NBC's Comedy series will not be renewed for a Third season

#WelcomeSweden Cancelled, No Season Three :(

Welcome to Sweden is a hilarious sitcom spanning over two seasons to date. The TV series is from creators, Martin Soneyby, Niclas Carlsson, Greg Poehler, Jesper Harrie and Josephine Bornebusch. It is shown on NBC and was produced by TV4 with season 1 being aired in 2014.

What’s It All About?

WS is about an accountant by the name of Bruce who lives in New York. However he falls for a girl from Sweden, currently in the USA, and promptly moves to Sweden to be with her. The series was actually based around the experiences of Poehler who himself worked and lived in the USA before moving to Sweden with his girlfriend. Of course Bruce is hit by the culture shock as he has to try and adjust to the new life and all the changes it brings with it. He also has a fight on his hands in convincing the family of his girlfriend that he is the right man for her, when they don’t seem to think he is.

What’s Been Happening?

Season 1 of WS started with episode 1 which aired on March 21 2014. Season 1 took place during the summer and saw Bruce moving to Sweden to be with his girlfriend. Bruce is left to deal with learning the language and dialect, missing his friends and his life in New York.

Season 2 was set during the winter and this was six months after Bruce made the move to Sweden. It started on April 1 2015 and saw Bruce a little more settled as the couple became engaged, along with learning how to deal with her relatives, make a change in career and deal with customs. The season came to a close on June 3 2015 with there being panic about the wedding being boring and the need to do something less formal, such as dance into the church. Along with this a celeb arrives in Sweden and wants to take Bruce on, but it’s his wedding day, but was their big day ruined or did it run smoothly?

What’s In Store?

If you have been enjoying this delightful comedy you will probably be wondering whether we are going to get to see a season 3, so are we?

At the moment there hasn’t been any confirmation from NBC that #WS will make a return for another season. When it was announced there was going to be a season 2 it was revealed that 2.9 million viewers had tuned into the series. The ratings over the summer were 3.5 million viewers and this makes it the 2nd highest rated comedy series out of 7 and it came in behind “Undateable” which is shown on the NBC network.

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Other factors taken into account for the renewal of the show was the fact that it attracted an upscale audience. It indexed 105 adults aged between 18 and 49 who have incomes of above $100k and of course this is the type that the advertisers love. The costs of production are also shared, which is another bonus.

So with the ratings and demographics ratings it is highly likely that we will see a season 3 of #WelcomeSweden and it may arrive March to April of 2016 as this is around the time the previous two seasons aired in the US. Of course you can sign up for the latest news about the series and be the first to know if there is a season 3, with just one click subscription.

Trivia and Facts
  • Did you know that one of the producers, Greg Poehler married a woman from Sweden?
  • Did you know that the sister of Greg Poehler, Amy, makes an appearance in the series playing herself as a client of Bruce’s?
  • Did you know that Poehler is now able to speak fluent Swedish?
  • Did you know that the series comes from a combination of writers from Sweden and the USA and this makes the TV series even funnier due to the humor of the two countries being so different?
Choices for Watching Again

Would you like to watch

#WS right from the start while waiting for news about a third season? If so you will be pleased to know that you can buy season 1 on DVD and Blu-ray

Have you enjoyed the antics of Bruce as he had to deal with the many changes to his life when he moved to Sweden? Are you looking forward to season 3 of #WelcomeSweden? Let us know your thoughts about the series in the comment section.

NBC Cancels 'Welcome To Sweden'

After just two seasons, NBC have decided to go ahead and cancel the show, 'Welcome To Sweden' although how it was announced was slightly different from the norm. Rather than some formal announcement at a huge press conference, the creator of the show, Greg Poehler, used his Instagram account with what could only be described as a bit of an insane message as you can see here.

So, it has been cancelled due to those terrible ratings that Poehler mentioned in his post and even though he has said that the episodes that are remaining can be found online, there has been no mention of when they could appear on NBC. In actual fact, there is a chance that they will never appear on the channel and that in itself would be a bit of a shame.

The premise of the show was pretty good with a guy moving to Sweden and having to deal with a major culture shock, but after just two seasons it has been decided that enough is enough. It seems that the move to Sweden was one step too far.

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clark smith
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bring it back, its great!