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‘We Bare Bears’ Is Coming Back For Season 3


The epic Cartoon Network series has been renewed for a season three before the second season has even finished. Like all Cartoon Network original series there is some weird wackiness involved in the plot and characters.

Created by Daniel Chong, it is about three bear brothers that do whatever they can to be a part of the human world. Think Tim the Bear from The Cleveland Show being put in a situation where they expanded on bears living with the rest of the humans. Oh, and more of a family friendly version. Panda, Ice Bear and Grizzly are part of a show that’s fun to watch, and not overly corny in its approach.

Voice actors in no particular order are Bobby Moynihan, Demetri Martin and Eric Edelstein. Some of the names are familiar while others may be brand new to some viewers. What these three actors do for the bears are pretty special considering it is being aimed at ages 7 and older. The content is SpongeBob level entertaining without resorting to silly gags, although the show does go there every now and then.

The Bare Bears has seen an amazing global reach in the millions when it comes to kids, with the US showings alone average eight million. Next season it looks like they will expand upon the Bay Area comedy and move the bears elsewhere in the world. Specials are already being lined up for next years (holidays) and several guest characters are returning like Ranger Tabes, Charlie, Lucy and Nom Nom. The show is special enough that people are starting to really recognize its potential, which is scary considering it’s made for kids. But then again, it’s hard to turn away from SpongeBob Squarepants when he’s on television!

What do you think of The Bare Bears? Is the series here to stay?

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