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Family Channel has yet to announce the fate of We are Savvy Season 2

Release Date of #WaS S2: To be announced

As the Family Channel’s official page for the show says, We are Savvy is for everyone from “girly-girls to tomboys.” In other words, it is created for the female viewer. More specifically, this is a show for young teenage girls. It contains segments of the type that demographic would be interested in watching. There are interviews with (usually female) celebrities, lots of silly dancing and lip-synching to popular music, and crafts projects that use mundane materials to create solutions that are both practical and eye-catching.

Savvy airs on Canada’s Family Channel, which specializes in television for children and young teens. The trailer for the show is a series of clips where young girls do a variety of extreme activities such as skateboarding and playing drums to the beat of a punk rock ditty. It is clear from the onset that it is meant to a “female empowerment” program. There are a few interviews which accomplish this task, but most of the show is just female-interest segments, or so it would seem.

While the show doesn’t wear its political agenda on its sleeve, it does succeed in presenting confident women on screen doing and talking about the things they like. Yet more important than this, and the most important theme on the show, is that of friendship and camaraderie. The hosts converse with each other while doing crafts; the celebrities are friendly; and the few times that someone is caught on camera alone, she speaks to the camera in a very cozy and conversational style. The main purpose of the show is to become a surrogate friend to viewers. Girls watching this will surely feel like they are coming closer to the realistic but confident girls onscreen.

This is to be expected on paper, at least. The truth of the matter is that the show is more like a vlog featuring different girls. It is not what might be considered serious television. Without a running plot or sensationalist material, it is surely difficult for it to net a loyal audience base. It doesn’t even have a consistent airing time. It is currently being used as an interstitial program by the Family channel, bandied about disparate timeslots. Sometimes it will appear in the morning on a weekend. Sometimes it will appear at high noon on a school day. There is no consistency and this show seems like it is only being used to fill time. On the plus side, the Family Channel’s website conveniently lists its full schedule.

Perhaps because of these reasons, WaS has little popularity online as well. A mere 5 voters cast ballots to give it a 6.0 out of 10 on IMBD. On YouTube, the show has around 1,000 subscribers. Each clip they place on the video repository tends to get a few hundred views. These numbers demonstrate an insignificant internet presence, just barely above the level of minor reality shows without an IMBD page.

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#WaS was an interesting experiment, but it’s not terribly popular. That, of course, means little for Family Canada. They only air commercials for a few hours during the day, so they seem to value reputation more than simply raw numbers. This show is instructive and positive, so it fits in well with their other teen-oriented programs. In light of this, fans might be seeing savvy return for one or two more seasons.

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9 months 19 days ago

This show really should be put on actual Television and Netflix as well as Regular You Tube besides just You Tube Red because,this show is so great but not everyone can get YouTube Red.