‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ Will Debut In 2017


Fun talk shows are not as plentiful as they should be, which is why the rebranded Watch What Happens Live is a welcome distraction. Bravo’s favorite talk show has been in the makeover process for a while, and when it comes back on January 3rd things will be a lot different. The new official title will be Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Pretty good name right?

Andy Cohen will also be moving to a bigger studio, although it will remain in the West Village studio facility. They also won’t compromise the look of the show that has made it Bravo’s signature late night program since 2009. Back then the show was a lot less evolved, and was more about pushing Cohen’s Real Housewives reality programs. Once it grew, the show become more traditional and went away from the usual celebrity guests, and even got a bigger schedule.

With all of the new improvements, it becomes a justified expense since it seems that they are really trying to make this an actual late night talk show. The show has late night features but has always been a bit ‘different’ than other late night competitors. Now they will be adding roof access, a new set for musical guests and more. There is a good chance Cohen will gain even more viewers than before, since it seems like an entirely new show.

Should other late night talk show hosts worry? Probably not, since the show is more intimate with its setting, despite the changes. Cohen’s show has always been more about having fun with his guests and less about asking hard hitting questions. If they keep the fun factor of the show going then it will retain the same unique format that viewers loved!

How do you feel about the exciting new changes? What would you like see changed in the show?

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