Was The ‘Westworld’ Reveal Worth It?


There are many ways to look at the Westworld reveal (oh, btw, spoilers will be coming) yet like everything else with the series, the viewer results have been mixed. Although the reveal wasn’t the biggest one of the series, it was still a satisfying plot device in a show that moves at the pace of a snail. This was the most satisfying episode of Westworld since the debut, and strangely enough the only one that actually progressed the story.

That’s Westworld in a nutshell, but even so, everyone that has seen the series since the beginning was tossing around the idea that one of the workers was a host. It was just a question of who, and if the host was aware that he wasn’t real. The Bernard moment was great, right down to the spooky cabin and the killing of his onetime lover. But with all of that out of the way, the WHY is still up in the air. Westworld has once again managed to shock the audience while only moving the story a half an inch.

What’s going on with the man in black and the maze? He is buddying up with Teddy for some reason, as that seems to be the only person that can get him to the next step. Dr. Ford is aware of his presence, but even after a formal exchange, no one knows who the heck he is. The man in black is looking for secrets, Dr. Ford knows it and doesn’t card, and somehow all of this is going on under the nose of their grade A security team. Why are the scientists afraid of Maeve, when they can simply leave and tell their bosses she has gained consciousness? What is the entire point of the Dolores storyline, since she is also conscious, yet none of the programmers have noticed a change in her?

So many questions, yet none of them answered!

Is Westworld the most frustrating (good) show on HBO? What questions do you want to see answered?

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