Was The Revamped ‘Code Black’ A Good Debut?


With all of the chances to Code Black, it was set up for failure long before season 2 rolled around. Several viewers have already sworn off the series months after the first season ended, and as the cast grew, they lost even more viewers. But the medical drama had a chance to win over fans with its season 2 premiere on September 28th. So did it fare well, or was it a complete disaster?

The episode wasted no time throwing viewers into a new storyline, namely the introduction of Rob Lowe as Colonel Ethan Willis. In almost ironic fashion, Lowe’s character was handling the fallout from a shark attack, possibly the one that jumped after last season.

There was a bit of identity crisis with the episode, as it looked like something out of NCIS rather than a medical drama. Within the span of a few minutes, an experimental procedure only tried on pigs was tried on a dying patient. The dialogue was cheesy and sounded like something out of an old 80’s action flick. For reference, the ‘shooting whipped cream into a Twinkie’ comment while patching up a dying patient from the shark bite was ridiculously funny dialogue. Fast forward and the guy falls out of the helicopter and into the ocean, and good old Lowe jumps into the ocean to help.

At some point Code Black became the Rob Lowe show, and apparently Colonel Ethan Willis is Jack Bauer with a medical degree. But here is the astonishing part- depending on who you ask, it works. While this new format may turn off old fans, it is perfect for CBS when it comes to bringing in new viewers. Because as cheesy as Code Black is now, it is no more cheesier than any other show on the network. Love it or hate it, the show reinvented itself and may survive a few more seasons.

What did you think of the new format? Should they have kept it in the old format?

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