Was The ‘Fuller House’ Finale A Hit?


If you haven’t binge watched season 2 of Fuller House, you may want to avoid the spoilers ahead! Now that it is all over for now, some of the fans are saying that season 2 of Fuller House has been the superior season. They wrapped up a lot of important storylines and got rid of some really annoying ‘test’ aspects of the first season. Here were the best parts of the second season and what to look for moving forward.

Steve and C.J. are getting married! After a somewhat messy proposal at her New Year’s party, things took a turn for the better between the two. But of course there was the ‘look’ between D.J. and Steve that lets the audience know this is far from a sure thing. A wedding disaster is in the future for Steve, probably with an episode where D.J. breaks up C.J.’s wedding. That is pretty on point as far as sitcoms go, right?

Jesse and Becky (they were barely in this season!) adopted a baby girl but had Godfather issues with Danny and Joey. This storyline seemed a little silly, since the obvious choice would have always been Danny for Godfather. Going all the way back to the original Full House, those two were always the closest.

After only a few months of dating, Stephanie and Jimmy are talking kids! What is with this show and relationships? On the plus side these two seem made for one another, and it led to a really cool conversation between Stephanie and Becky about adoption.

But seriously, what is up with all of these relationships! Season 1 seemed to be the most balanced season, with fun little quirks and throwbacks that gave it charm. Season 3 will come out sometime in 2017, and hopefully with a little more focus on other parts of the storyline.

Will the Olsen twins make an appearance in season 3? What did you think about the current season?

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