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Wallykazam! Season 3? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #Wallykazam S3: To be announced

Wallykazam! is a children’s show airing on Nickelodeon. The series first aired in February 2014 and has seen two seasons so far. Each season was 26 episodes in length. The series is designed to foster early literacy in children. No announcement has been made yet about a third season.

What It’s About?

The series follows a troll named Wally on his adventures with his pet dragon Norville. Wally uses a magical stick to bring his words to life as real life objects. Other characters in the series include: Gina Giant, Wally’s neighbor, who collects dolls; Ogre Doug, who knows everything about animals; Libby Light Sprite, a pink sprite who can trace words from light; Stan of the Swamp, a cranky monster who doesn’t like adventures; and Bobgoblin, who talks in the third person. Trouble is usually caused by Stan or Bobgoblin.

The series’ main goal is early literacy and it achieves this by disguising it’s language lessons as fun adventures. Kids are hooked on Wally’s antics and are learning early lessons in recognizing sounds and words with his fun adventures.

Where We Left Off?

In the finale for season 2, Wally’s dad is excited about a rock concert by his favorite band only for the concert to be cancelled. Wally and his friends get together to make a band of their own and perform a concert for his father.

What’s Next?

There has been no announcement yet about a third season for the series. The series has been doing really well with its young audience and is likely to see at least another season. The series premiered as the network’s highest rated series for kids between 2 and 5 and has been doing well ever since. The magical land that Wally and his friends inhabit is especially appealing to young children with very active imaginations.

Should we see another season of #Wallykazam it will likely air in early 2016. The previous two seasons have begun in February and April so the third will likely premiere around the same time. The previous two seasons have been 26 episodes in length so that will likely remain the same or similar for the new season.

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The second season premiered with a special hour long episode this February so it is possible that the third season may follow this trend and open with a longer episode. But we don’t have any details yet on what the season will look like just yet.

Another season of the series means another season of adventures and learning for Wally and his friends. There have been no details released about what the third season might hold for the magical gang, but those details are likely to be released when we have more information about the new season.
Whatever quests we see Wally and Norville on it will probably involve other inhabitants of the magical land and will certainly be teaching children something about their letters and reading. There are any number of things that the characters might get up to but we’ll just have to wait and see what the third season will hold for Wally, Norville, and the gang.

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