‘Vikings’ Returns With A New Night


The midseason return of Vikings is set for November 30th, and if that date seems strange it is because it’s showing a day earlier on Wednesday. Before it went off the air for midseason Vikings was a staple of History Channels Thursday nights, and one of its biggest ratings grabber. It’s not quite clear whether this is a permanent move or not, yet it shouldn’t have a huge impact on the ratings.

  1. Not only is the show moving to a day earlier on Wednesdays, it is also airing an hour earlier. The History Channel will set the midseason premiere for 9 p.m. instead of 10 p.m.
  2. Ragnar’s defeat at the hands of his brother Rollo was never really explored before the finale, as he just disappeared due to the humiliation and then boom! – fans are viewing the midseason finale and in awe of the great direction (even if the time jump was a little annoying)
  3. There is still a lot of unfinished business with King Ecbert, Lagertha, Bjorn and Floki. While some of the characters were developed well in the first half of season 4, there are some that are still stuck in a rut. This will most likely carryover into season 5 before it is addressed.
  4. Speaking of season 5, it is already in production over in Ireland. Following the new night and time of the show, depending on whether or not it is temporary fans may need to play for a longer layover than usual.

Vikings is still considered a top ten scripted drama on cable television, and continues to expand its reach without getting too crazy with the content. It may not have the following of Game of Thrones, but at this point it may have better story direction.

What do you think about the new day and time for Vikings? Are there any characters lacking in personal development leading up to season 5?

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