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‘Vikings’ Hire A Former WWE Star


Vikings in many ways has silently competed with Game of Thrones, and in some ways surpassed it. The hit History channel show is setting up for its fifth season in 2017, and shows no signs of slowing down. Strangely enough, it is hard to find a person who watches both Vikings and Game of Thrones, which makes perfect sense when you consider the content. There are no heavy fantasy themes in Vikings, leading to a much more brutal, realistic and epic show. Now the show has added to the cast, and it is a familiar yet surprising face.

Adam Copeland, or former WWE champion Edge, has now gained a recurring role on the upcoming season. Copeland is one of the most underrated wrestler turned actors since Batista, and showed he had what it takes when he starred in Syfy’s Haven. A lot of people were simply amazed at his acting talents on the show, leading to Copeland being a no brainer for a starring role in Vikings.

He will play Ketill Flatnose, a warrior chosen by Floki. Ketill is one of the leaders that will be sent off to Iceland to develop a community. So not only does his role have merit, but there will be some conflict with the rest of the group on that decision. He will also share screen time with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who is also joining the cast for the new season.

All of this change and excitement, and yet there is no clear victor between Game of Thrones and Vikings. GOT is heading into its last two seasons, while the Vikings is still moving forward with new and exciting adventures. And truth moment: The Viking warriors look an infinity times tougher than anyone in the GOT universe, save for Tywin, Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun, and Tormund.

Who is the best Vikings character so far? Who would win in a fight between the characters of the GOT universe and those in Vikings?

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