‘Vice Principals’ Will Be Short And Sweet


Usually when show creators are firm when it comes to the length of their series, there is a good chance they won’t stick to it. Whether the series runs longer than expected, or whether it gets cancelled, there are very few reasons to let fans know upfront before a series premiere how long you plan on running. There are many factors that can affect the actual number of years on the air, so it’s a slippery slope.

That still didn’t stop star Danny McBride from saying that it will only run 2 seasons and then be done. His reasoning is a lot more solid than most, and it has to do with the premise of the series being in movie format first, so the stretched it out and split it up into 18 episodes. The creators and producers basically made a long movie that goes through the entire school year, and taking the word of the few people that have viewed it, the format works well.

The show will premiere July 18th on HBO, and fans of ‘Eastbound & Down’ will be very familiar with the dark comedy. Vice Principals is about two ambitious high school principals that want to be the principal of the school. Their power struggle to become school principal leads to some hilarious comedy that sucks in everyone in their fighting zones.

With everything coming together this has the potential to be a comedy that runs for multiple seasons. All 18 episodes are already shot, so it would require them going back to the drawing board. And as a high school comedy that goes through the full school year, certain students wouldn’t come back for a third season by default. So from the looks of it, the show really does look like it is destined for 2 seasons and out!

Do you think the show will run more than 2 seasons? Who’s your favorite Eastbound & Down character?

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